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  • Size: 6 in x 19 in (L x H)
  • Material: Wooden Lazer Work

Short Description

Ashtamangal consists of eight auspicious symbols of Jainism. Swastik - Swastika is also known as sathia . It is customary and essential to draw at the commencement of all religious ceremonies. Shri Vatsa - a symbol which is drawn on the upper chest of all the 24 Jain Tirthankaras. The sign depicts the universal sympathetic eternal love for all living beings of the earth. Nandavarta - a holy complex form of Swastika. It serves all the visual icons for advanced meditative attainment. It is formed by the beautiful arrangement of by nine angles or corners of divinity. Vardhamanaka - is an earthen bowl that is sealed withanother earthen bowl . It is used as lamp. This lit lamb symbolizes the light that tries to remove the darkness of the world. Bhadrasana - is known as the holy  seat or a royal throne. It also considered as a seat of honor for evoked souls. Kalasha - is the holy pitcher that is drawn before a Tirthankara. Two divine eyes as well as two ends of scarf area also drawn on either side of this Kalasha. Meen Yogula - is the fish couple. This couple form of the fish is regarded as very auspicious and devine. The sign depicts the flow of devine life in the cosmic ocean. Darpana - is known as miror reflects the true self and nature of a person because of its clarity.


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